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by Jim Hicks, October 4, 2015


Questions can be very interesting, they hold the power to make us think, create answers that we can act upon, or if we are not careful, they can annoy us. Jesus asked a man a question that on the surface seems so obvious, but a deeper look reveals the question’s power.

Traditional Gathering: 9:00am

This gathering is designed to remember and celebrate our past heritage with today’s heart.  You will enjoy a rich selection of choruses and hymns during corporate worship and be encouraged by a sermon from our lead pastor.

Quality nursery care for children 0-2 years of age begins at the beginning of the service.  Children attending 1st service (3-yrs – 6th grade) worship with their parents before being dismissed to their respective classes. Classes are broken up into Critter Land (preschool) and Zoo City (K-6th grades).