Connect Groups



When you enter the work world, you hear that “it is all about your connections.”  In part, this is very true.  We do become like those we connect with; we learn from them and make meaningful contributions to one another.

Genesis makes it clear that we are created in the image of God.  This means we are hard-wired for connection and relationships with one another, in addition to Him.  We need to seek and develop these connections.  Connecting is not optional.  It is…

  • A command of Scripture
  • An example of unity
  • Evidence of a Christ-follower
  • A catalyst for witnessing of Christ

The purpose of connecting is to cultivate our relationships in Christ and to contribute to those around us for His Kingdom.  Therefore, the question is not if we should connect; it is how and when will we connect.

Pray about where you are to connect.  If you do not find a connection point, continuing seeking the Lord that you may discover how and when to connect.